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    Frequently Asked Question

    01. What are the operating hours of Elements Fitness Karachi?

    Rs.3,500 Registeration

    Gym Schedule
    07.00am – 11.00am(combine)
    11.00am – 05.00pm (Females)
    05:00pm – 11:30pm (combine)
    Mon to Sat

    02. What is the membership fee for this co gym in Karachi?

    Following are the details for the membership fees at Element Fitness in Karachi,

    • Registration Fees: 3,500/-
    • Gym Access: 6,000/- (it includes Cardio)
    • Group Training: 11,500/-  maximum group size of 5-6 members)
    • Personal Training: 18,000 (6 days in a week)
    • Sauna: 2,000/- (Monthly charges) 500/- (Per day charges)
    •  MUAY THAI/MNA: 6,000 (3 days in a week)
    • 360FIT AND YOGA &AEROBICS: 6,000 (5 days in a week) 4,000 (4 days in a week)
    03. Is personal training available at Elements Fitness?

    Yes, we offer personalized training sessions with certified trainers. Optimize your workout and achieve your fitness goals faster with expert guidance.

    03. What group classes are available?

    We offer a variety of group classes such as yoga, cardio, HIIT, and spinning, providing a dynamic fitness experience for our Karachi community.

    04. How is Elements Fitness different from other gyms in Karachi?

    Elements Fitness stands out for its state-of-the-art equipment, expert trainers, and exceptional customer service. We aim to provide a holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

    05. Is the gym air-conditioned?

    Yes, our facility is fully air-conditioned to provide a comfortable workout environment, especially considering Karachi’s climate.

    06. Do you offer nutritional counseling?

    Absolutely, we offer comprehensive nutritional counseling as part of our special programs to help you achieve a balanced diet alongside your fitness routine.

    07. Do you provide lockers and shower facilities?

    Yes, we offer secure lockers and clean shower facilities for your convenience. Enhance your post-workout experience with these amenities.

    08. Is there parking available at the gym?

    Yes, ample parking space is available for our members. Conveniently located in the heart of Karachi, we ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish.